Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend DIY 101: Jewelry Display Frames

Ever since our wedding last June, my inner Martha Stewart has felt a little stifled. Fortunately moving into a new apartment this past year was the perfect opportunity to unleash the beast and get crafty. For me, the trick to finding a good DIY project is to have a very specific end result in mind and identify a product you want or need that you can figure out a way to make yourself. The trick to this of course, is picking something that can be made less expensively than buying it and won’t end up looking like your 5th grade arts and crafts project. While you want your craft to have an organic feel you don’t want it to look, well... like you made it yourself. My first home d├ęcor project was extremely simple and was hatched where many delusions of redecorating are squashed… the Pottery Barn catalog. Oh Pottery Barn, how I love you, but your prices are too damn high! I fell in love with their cute jewelry hanging frames --- a perfect way to keep my necklaces organized and untangled whilst prettying-up my walls. These frames, however, cost $30 each plus shipping so I came up with this SUPER easy way to make them myself for a lot less….

1. Find cheaper frames: I went here on and found these awesome wooden white washed frames. I bought 2, (one 9x13 and one 5x7) for a total of $28.93 including shipping. The frames come with a bracket so you can hang them on your wall. All you need is a hammer.

2. Find some cheap screw-in hooks: I bought a pack of 20 of these from here for a total of $7.17 with shipping. If you are less lazy than me you could just buy them at the hardware store for $2.50.

3. Take glass out of the frames (and save it incase you ever want to use them as picture frames.)

4. Decide how many hooks you want in each frame and measure the side of the frame so that you can space them out evenly along the top.

5. To make screwing the hooks in easier, make an indentation by lightly nailing a small nail into the spot you want the hook and then pull it out. Then screw in the screws into evenly spaced out indentations.

6. Arrange your frames on the wall and hang your jewelry. I particularly liked the look of 2 different size frames together.

7. Enjoy having untangled necklaces, some DIY street cred and an awesome jewelry display for $30 less than you would have paid at Pottery Barn.

Below you can do a comparison of my frames (on the left) to Pottery Barn's catalog ones... if you can just ignore the pathetic iphone photography and yellow lighting of my bedroom you'll see that the DIY frames are just as cute!


  1. Such a cute idea. The amazon link to the frames you recommended isn't working though...can you relink it so I can get my crafty bastard on?

  2. Oops! Good call Chels --- link is fixed. Craft away girlfriend