Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday Link Love

Happy Friday Peoples! Here are some great finds from some hot spots to keep you entertained from your desk today!

Tasty Treats....
Dartmouth people, does anyone remember those sticky and amazing peanut butter bran bars from Homeplate? Anyone? Ok, so maybe I was the only one buying them - but they were damn good and this is basically that recipe! I found it on Peanut Butter fingers blog this week and I'm SO excited to try it out. I have been missing them since graduation.

Need a fast, cheap crowd-pleasing dinner? Aren't you always?? Try this tasty looking recipe from Feast on The cheap. Nic and I made a version of it the other night and it was fast, filling and delicious!

Lately I've been seeing Kale Chips pop up in my favorite spots (those spots would be Whole Foods and Trader Joes) --- they look intriguing but it seems like it would be easier and cheaper to make them myself. Want to try? Here's an easy recipe from Kath Eats Real Food to make them at home.

Pretty Things...
How cute are these wedding invites from Hello Lucky? If you know anyone having a destination wedding I think these are pretty cute. I wouldn't mind having the San Fran set as greeting cards.

Funny Site...
Got a 30 something friend or co-worker looking for a husband? Check out -- I saw this on Daily candy and had to go to the site, it is hysterical and actually kind of clever. If I had more single friends in the Bay Area I might consider sending a friend over to him to win $10K!

Stuff to Do...
Need something to do with all this rain and snow? Last weekend on our getaway to rainy LA, Nic and I saw "The Lincoln Lawyer" and it was suprisingly awesome. If you like John Grisham or Dennis Lehane movies then you would definitely be a fan of this fun crime thriller. It MIGHT even make a Matthew McConaughey fan out of you... iF you aren't one already of course :)

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  1. Woohoo, thanks for the shout-out! Hope you have a - ehem - sweet weekend.