Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday and Fun Links

Happy Friday Everyone! Thanks so much for all of you who read the blog during it's first full week! Next week I start a new job so no more blogging during the day but I will still post new content a few times a week so KEEP READING and spread the good word!

Here are some great links to keep you busy during your breaks this friday...
-How great is this modern zig zag bedding from AURA? Is it un-gendered enough so my husband can stop telling people he sleeps under a wedding dress?
-I'm obsessed with this wallpaper featured on Design Sponge.
-Do you love brussel sprouts? I do. I think I might try this recipe from Hangry Pants sometime soon!
-For this week's recap of what's lowbrow and brilliant v. highbrow and despicable check out my favorite matrix via New York Mag.
-Queen Latifah as Ursula and David Beckham as Prince Charming? Sold! Check out the new Disney ads featured at fabsugar.
-This wikihow article on cell phone etiquette was desperately needed at the gym this week when the woman on the elliptical next to mine was chatting on her phone for the entire 1/2 hour she was working out! Had this gym not been directly next to my office and she potentially someone I might work for one day, I would have laid down the law! Instead I just glared passive aggressively and scanned the floor trying to find likeminded onlookers. TGIF!!!!

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