Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ode to My Sodastream

I'm a lady of simple vices. I like to chain-chew gum in my cubicle, watch DVR'd Real Housewives episodes on Sunday mornings and occasionally consume a carbonated diet beverage before bed. None of these little guilty pleasures are anything for alarm, but lately I have been feeling bad about how much waste my husband and I were producing with our flavored seltzer and rootbeer habits. We don't drink them quite often enough to buy the 2 liter bottles and buying cans or smaller bottles generates so much recycling while also adding up $ wise. This is where the sodastream entered our lives. If you don't spend an innapropriate amount of time in Bed Bath and Beyond then you don't know... the sodastream is perhaps the most amazing kitchen gadget created since the George Forman grill. For $100 and 3 clicks of a button this miraculous machine transforms tap water into seltzer. Just add a cap full of the sodastream flavored syrup and you can instantly create imitation fresca, diet coke, rootbeer or whatever soda you could think of. All this and you don't even have to plug it in!!! I am, in a word... obsessed. We went away the other weekend and I almost suggested bringing it with us. Crazy? No. What's crazy is that my husband admitted the same thought. If you are feeling green about cutting down on plastic bottles and cans, I would definitely recommend this miraculous machine.


  1. I'm not a big fan of kitchen gadgets, but this one looks worth its weight in...well you know. I think if you're really into carbonated bevs and have an eye on your carbon footprint, this makes perfect sense! Thanks so much for posting. Mary Anne

  2. Okay, we have one of these and we are OBSESSED. literally when we first got it, t would sometimes gaze lovingly across the room at it.

    we, too, almost brought it on vacation to maine with us, but we were afraid that someone in my family might steal it or that it would get broken on the trip.

    or, we WERE obsessed until the gas cartridge thing-y ran out and we've been too lazy to replace it... for 6 months.

    but... we WERE obsessed.

  3. HA! Amazing Julia. Add that one to your wedding registry - more sodastream cartridges!!!

  4. hahaha I LOVE THIS TOO!!! apparently they're super super common in germany and everyone uses them! haha