Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Party Planning for Friends and Colleagues: Crafty Idea for a Babyshower

While my friends and I are definitely not ready for babies, in the past couple years we have started being exposed to the ageless and traditioned lady party of lore --- the baby shower. Recently I've attended a couple of work baby showers and while I love cake and cute baby clothes as much and maybe more than the next girl, I actually kind of dread these events and usually skip out as soon as possible. I'm not a heartless person!!! I'm all for presents and cupcakes and cuteness --- it's just something about the wierd games people play at these events... Tasting baby food? Putting melted candy bars in diapers and then, 'gasp', eating them? No bueno! I do understand the desire to create an "activity" for party goers - especially if not everyone knows each other because it gives them something to mingle over besides just presents and food. But must it be so awkward?

A couple weeks ago I was reading one of my favorite design inspiration blogs (Wiley Valentine) and they were describing a shower that had a really cute and fun activity ... decorating onesies. What a great idea! Party-goers get to mingle and hang out over a fun craft project that involves no skill or wierd edibles and mom-to-be gets a bunch of personalized easy onesies for the baby. Sounds good to me!

Bodysuits from Carters.com, monkey patches from here and owl patches from here

Here is what you would need to execute this activity next time you help throw a friend's shower...

What you need...
- Inexpensive solid onesies in a variety of sleevelengths and sizes
(Get 16 of them for $36 dollars here.) Wash them first so the new mom doesn't have to!
- Multi color Fabric Markers(get two packs for $10 here)
- Iron on transfers - just buy a pack of simple animal or cute shaped iron-on transfers from any craft store and people can just iron them onto the bodysuits. You can get simple animal outline transfers from here for $3.25.
You could also get cute iron on patches like these owl ones from etsy.com
- Irons -- plug in yours and have a few friends bring theirs as well.
- Book of Quotes (for bad artists) --- perhaps people could write a funny quote, slogan or cute phrase on the onesy if they are not feeling artistic.

In the end this project may cost a little more than tasting baby food but you should also think of it as a gift for the mom-to-be!

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