Monday, April 25, 2011

Day Dreaming of a Nap

I love my job but most afternoons I really wish we were a siesta centered country. If only things shut down around 2pm and everyone headed home for a peaceful little snooze.

In college I liked to nap in the English department library. The old leather chairs were comfy and I could rely on the hourly belltower chimes to wake me up in time for class...

These days I only get to nap on weekends and vacations. I wouldn't mind vacationing to a greek isle and taking my daily 20 minute snooze on this airy bed..

Or I could just float around in a pool for my naptime...

And doesn't this just look divine?

The Design Sponge team was definitely dreaming up a nap when they came across this pretty hammock...

The sleep deprived commuters of Japan came up with this GENIUS invention to keep your head from bobbing as you drift off into a nap on your commute. To avoid missing your stop, you can write it down on the little yellow shield so some kind subway rider will wake you up in time. Genius!

Ok, that looks terrible. But I still want a nap!


  1. I LOVE NAPS! This is one of the (okay, the ONLY) good parts of working 14-16 hours a day... occasionally you get to nap at work! i have the best couch in my office, seriously, i can fall asleep on it in less than 15 seconds.