Thursday, April 21, 2011

Have a GOOD Friday and Getting Down with Peeps!

Happy Easter weekend everyone! Whether you are down with JC or not hopefully you are spending the weekend with family and friends eating some yummy chocolate bunnies and wearing your Easter best. In honor of this weekend's holiday I thought I'd pay tribute to my favorite Easter treat... the Peep!

For many of you, Peeps were probably just an easter basket filler... something colorful to take up space around the more exciting chocolate eggs and bunnies. But for me they were the main show! I love these disgustingly artificial sugary guys and now I can even get them in the even more artificial sugar-free form... Amazing! So here are my favorite peep "recipes", just in case you are lucky enough to have a few lying around the house this Easter.

Peep Smores - this was my favorite recipe from my microwave cooking days (AKA when I was too little to use the stove.)

1 head or ear from large chocolate easter bunny (or whatever extra easter chocolate is on hand.)
2 graham crackers
1 peep

-Make a chocolate + peep sandwich between the two graham crackers and place it on a small plate.
-Put plate in the microwave and nuke for 20 seconds.
-Ignore the radiation for a moment and look in the window to watch wonderously as the peep expands and melts.
-Take out of the microwave and EAT your Peep Smore!

Chocolate covered Peeps and Stuff--- Ok so this one is actually just from last Easter, NOT my childhood :)

Large Strawberries
1 bar of dark chocolate or a cup of dark chocolate chips

-Brake up the dark chocolate into little pieces and put in a microwave safe bowl.
-Microwave for thirty seconds and then stir
-Put together a plate of strawberries and peeps with long skewers stuck in them (like fondue!)
-Dip the strawberries and peeps into the chocolate and enjoy.

Frozen Peeps - This also works with any generic marshmallow.


-Put peeps in the freezer. Let freeze
-Eat frozen peeps --- trust me they taste different, in a fun way!!!


  1. Happy Easter to one of my favorite peeps!

  2. "Fried Peeps" Brush with egg, roll in graham cracker crumbs and coconut, fry...Sounds yummy! I haven't tried this recipe. I recently saw them made on the Today Show.

  3. Whoa, now that's what I'm talking about. Ok, I will have to try that one!