Monday, May 30, 2011

Airplane Essentials for Your Weekend Getaway Comfort

I just got back from the airport after an amazing weekend of family fun in Atlanta. The weather was hot, the BBQ was great and I got a good enough fix of family and nephew time to last me til my next visit. I'll give you all the great local tips soon, but for now I wanted to share some of my favorite tricks and gear to make air travel much more comfortable...

Clockwise from top left...
1. ipad -- I know I know, it's expensive and you already have a computer, but TRUST me - if you travel this is a game changer. Infinite books, tv shows, movies, itunes, email -- all in one little book sized gadget. This is the only thing you need to carry on.
2. Monster iSplitter - This tiny device allows you and your travel buddy to watch movies or tv shows at the same time from 1 ipad, laptop or iphone. No need to bring two devices, just bring two sets of headphones, lift up that arm rest and snuggle up! Available for $13 at Amazon.
3. Vapur Collapsible Water bottle - This amazingly light "water bottle" collapses to the size of a plastic bag when empty and holds .5 liters of water full. I hate having to buy bottled water at the airport but I don't want to pack my clunky metal sigg bottle so I bring this guy and just fill it up at the water fountains. I bought mine at an adorable travel store in Hayes Valley but you can get one here.
4. Peanut Butter Packs- My flying fear is to be on a long flight, get hungry and have nothing to eat! God forbid you're flying back from a wedding or bachelorette party and are at all hungover... Food is important! One serving of peanut butter can save your life in these dire situations. Throw in a banana, apple or pack of mini pretzels and you have a quality snack. I bought my little pack of peanut butter at a coffee shop in Atlanta but you can find individually sized peanut butter packs in most supermarkets these days. Just throw a couple in your carry-on in case of emergency.
5. Le Sportsac weekender bag- Back in '07 when Nic and I dated long distance he bought me this amazing Le Sportsac weekend bag in anticipation of all our cross country visits. It's still in great shape and the perfect size and weight for easy weekend packing. Most importantly - it's super cute :) Check out all the prints and colors they have available here.

Happy Flying!

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