Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bad Parking and the Best of Silly Blogs

The other day Nic and I are getting into our car in the Safeway parking lot and a few spots down we see this...

Some Hummer driver (whose first offense is owning a hummer) had further identified himself as an a-hole by parking sideways in a compact parking spot. Maybe I was feeling particularly snarky but for some reason my immediate reaction was to snap a picture. And then I had a fun thought...I should start a blog called where people would submit pictures of bad parking jobs and share their indignation with the world! Fun, right!?!? But like the time when I had the genius idea to start "," my dreams were crushed as soon as I realized that more than one genius already has a bad parking job website.

This brings me to the point of this post... silly photo websites! Here are a few of my favorite quick stops for a giggle, a gasp, or just a case of dog envy. All sites feature reader-submitted pics.

1. Hipster kitties and hipster puppies

2. This is why you're fat

3. Awkward family photos Thanks to some of my lovely friends I even own their book!

4.Daily Puppy - a new puppy pic every day. SOLD.

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  1. I'll take Kodiak