Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Friday and Mother's Day Tribute!

Happy Friday everyone! Happy almost Mother's Day to everyone and especially to this blog's biggest fan... my mom! Here are some of my favorite posts and links from the week to help you enjoy this spring weekend...

Need a little sunshine on your friday afternoon? Check out this awesome colorful rainbow inspiration from Wiley Valentine blog.

Looking to do something fun with your mom this weekend? How about hair? Rock a new do with this adorable crown.

Trying to impress the fam this weekend with a homemade mother's day dessert? Personally, I wouldn't mind a bite or 8 of this s'more tart from How Sweet It Is Blog.

My favorite blog for all things paper is featuring a great little card round up for all your Mother's Day needs.

Not sure what to get your mom for mother's day? has a handy dandy little app that matches a gift to your mom based on what celebrity mom she most resembles! Fun! Right? I chose Meryl Streep - "the cultured mom", for my mom and it gave me some halfway decent suggestions. Sure I didn't end up buying them, but it's still fun to play with!!!

Have a dreamy weekend everybody!


  1. Where's the "Good Enough Mom" category? Must say it's made much easier by having incredible children??

  2. Greetings from your second biggest fan! and bigbig BIG fan of your biggest fan!