Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the post delay but Google's Blogger site was down soooo better late than never!

San Francisco is chock full of fun events this weekend including the annual Bay to Breaker’s race --- a crazy local tradition where the awesome people of the bay area don costumes drink heavily and create makeshift floats to march through the city behind a legitimate running race. This lovely photo captures a beautiful moment from the last Bay to Breakers I went to --- me and my dear friend Megan of Three Sisters Three Cities blog marching through the city at 8am in togas.

Also on the docket is Saturday’s Beer and Oyster Festival at Fort Mason on Saturday afternoon --- an all day outdoor concert with a bunch of great bands (including Guster) for $35 a person. I’m pretty excited.

For all you non San Fran folks – I’m sorry that you have less awesome plans this weekend. But here are some fun ideas!!

Cook… Something easy and delicious
There are certain dishes that are so delicious I'm pretty sure they're impossible to make, like vodka sauce. But then I see Snooki making it on the Jersey Shore and I realize it must be incredibly simple! Here's an easy and scrumptious looking vodka sauce recipe from my lovely friends in London town at this food lovin' blog.

Watch… Something hilarious and awesome
Ok, so maybe I haven’t seen it yet but I’m pretty sure Bridesmaids is going to be my new favorite movie. I think I’ll be seeing it tonight so I’ll be sure to give a full review next week :)

Read… A great book
I just finished this amazing book, Orange is the New Black, recommended in the comments of my good books post by my good friend Lucy. It is written by a 30 something Smith graduate who found herself spending a year in a women’s prison 10 years after committing a one-time regretful drug related crime. It is totally captivating, emotional AND it even includes a recipe for prison cheesecake. YUM! Err.. kind of.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!


  1. TERRIBLE PHOTO! You could not have found one with my eyes OPEN?? OR dancin to some street beats?

  2. HAHAHA - this seemed to convey the craziness of the morning.But I shall add a street beats dancing picture (which I love) as soon as I am home with my iphotos!