Sunday, May 8, 2011

San Francisco Urban Hike - Coit Tower

San Francisco is chock full of parks and hills so if you have a free hour and some sunshine there's no need to go to the gym on a Saturday. After a fun Friday night and a lazy Saturday morning I finally got myself together to get some excercise on Saturday afternoon and decided to head over to one of my favorite San Francisco landmarks, Coit tower. Coit tower is a great little tourist viewpoint in San Francisco but also a gorgeous place for a quick and challenging workout. The tower itself sits on top of one of San francisco's most pronounced hills which is lined with houses and reachable by spiraling roads and a couple long sets of stairs. If you're visiting the city and want a great view or just looking to jazz up your workout I highly recommend a trip up the coit tower stairs.

I usually do my coit tower workout at night with my bootcamp class so this was the first time I was able to appreciate the beautiful gardens and cute houses that line the steep wooden steps up to the top. I'm pretty sure I saw five versions of my dream house...

If you want to feel the burn or just smell some pretty flowers here's my preferred route to the top and back down!

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Park - at the bottom of the stairs at Greenwich and Sansome or somewhere near there.
Hike up the stairs at Greenwich until you hit the the street (Montgomery street.) Hike up Montgomery street (it is steep) until you hit Union street. Take a right downhill on Union and then take the next right up hill (Kearny Street.) At the top of the Kearny hill turn right up more stairs. At the top of these stairs run up the winding road (Telegraph Hill blvd) until you arrive at the tower. Admire the view, take some deep breathes and head down!

On your way down I recommend taking a different staircase (the Filbert steps) to check out some more pretty views and gardens. From the tower head down on the path that lines the left side of the road (it's on your left when you're going down hill.) This leads you to the tiny Filbert street and a set of stairs -take the stairs all the way down, admiring the flowers and houses along the way. You'll end up at Sansome street a block away from where you started your trip up hill.


  1. I still have never been to Coit Tower! After 4 1/2 years of living here, I need to go check it out. I will definitely follow your route :)

  2. When I lived in San Francisco I walked these stairs on a regular basis. I remember one day my roommate and I were on our way up, and a little boy was coming down the steps, counting as he went. When he saw us girls, he said "you have 206 stairs to the top!" We both laughed hysterically. I still use this route every time I visit the city and go to Coit Tower.