Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Friday and Happy Birthday Nic!

Happy Friday from the east coast people! I'm hanging in new england for the weekend, spending the morning in Boston with family and then heading to New Hampshire tonight for my 5 year college reunion! Woot woot!!!

This is going to be an amazing weekend for so many reasons but first and foremost today is a super special Friday since it is the birthday of my favorite person in the world (drumroll please)... my husband Nic! In tribute to the birthday boy, here's a list of some gifts I'm pretty sure he would love that I wish I could give him today...

1. A Puppy: Not today, but ONE day when we live in a pet-friendly home I will get you what you really want... Our new best friend

2. A bar that has hot dumplings instead of peanuts as bar-snacks: Sorry buddy, I just haven't found it yet!

3. A Sick Car: Um, sorry , not this birthday! But give me 10 years to climb the corporate ladder and this alfa romeo is all yours :)

4. A Man-Date with The Rock: Yup that's right, a whole afternoon with your favorite dude. You could pump some iron, drink some beers, eat some dumplings and save a schoolbus full of children from some dastardly villain. You're Welcome!

5. Our Neighbor's house: It's right across the street, we've never been in it, but hot damn we want to live in that house. I have a feeling that a single family home the size of an apartment building with outdoor kitchens and gardens is a bit out of our price range right now... NEXT BIRTHDAY!

Birthdays are the best and so are Fridays, have a great weekend everyone!


  1. love it! and happy birthday to your hubby who has the best gift of all -- YOU!

  2. Happy Birthday to your guy! Sweet post. xoxo