Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shoe Review: Nike Free Run 2

I love new workout gear but a girl can only budget so much money for spandex. Fortunately for this gear lover, running shoes have a pretty reliable expiration date when you are using them for bootcamp and jogging several times a week and there's really no way to avoid buying new ones every few months or so. My running shoes recently started to poop out on me and sprout some holes so two weekends ago Nic and I hopped in the car and went to the Nike store. I have a Nike+ watch so it's important to me to have a Nike shoe with a spot for the little pod in the heal so I can use it to time and measure runs. Nic had recently started running in a pair of Nike Free shoes and has been raving about how much better they make his back and knees feel after running. I am also an old 27 year old with back problems and while I will NEVER be confident enough to wear freaky hobbit 5-finger shoes, I am certainly willing to try a much lighter weight "free" style shoe.

So I left the nike store with the Nike Free Run 2: a light weight shoe that fits snugly around your foot and forces you to rely less on your heels when running. Did I mention they are also super cool looking?... And I am a ridiculous person who wants cute running shoes? :)

I've gone on a few runs since my purchase and while the sales associate warned me to start gradually since my feet would be a bit sore at first, I haven't and I LOVE these shoes. They really do make me feel like my I'm running with better form. They are completely comfortable and I love how light weight they are when I'm doing ridiculous jumping excercises for bootcamp. At around $89, they are not cheap, but neither are any good running shoes and Nic has testified that his pair have seemed to last longer than his previous shoes.

So if you've been contemplating switching to lighter workout footwear but live in fear of 5-finger shoes (or maybe you just want your feet to look a little more awesome at the gym) ---- check out the Nike Free Runs! Happy jogging!

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