Sunday, June 5, 2011

Style Challenge: Muggy Weather Weddings

We are in full Wedding Season swing, and already that lovely period of spring when you can survive a wedding dance floor without dying of heat seems to have passed. Now it's tough even to get through the ceremony (let alone cocktail hour) without dripping in sweat! What's a gal to do? Flowy dresses of course! (And stand over an AC vent whenever possible...). The trick is to wear a color that won't show sweat in a a fabric that can breathe. For fabric, chiffons or cottons are best; and good colors are pale pink, navy, black, or a bright print... depends on what works for you!

Here are a few of my favorites:
Thayer Wild One Maxi Dress - I LOVE this one! It's so easy and flattering, with the illusion of shorter in the front (which is nice for hot weather) and long in the back (nice for formal events). You can accessorize with a great belt or colorful earrings or shoes to get a great and unique look, but still have the sweat-hiding benefits of black.
This Adam Ruffle Tank Dress is simply DREAMY!!

This Two Birds Convertible Dress (it comes in short, tea-length or full-length too) is super fun and versatile! I've usually seen these as bridesmaids dresses, but they're perfect for wedding guests too! I love the blush color of the shopbop short version or the champagne or dark blue color of this long version (the blue is very Kate Middleton engagement announcement!). Two Birds makes dresses that you can twist and tie in any way you like - buy it and wear it a differnt way to every wedding this summer to keep it feeling fresh!

If you need to go long, the Thread Allessandra Gown in ballet slipper (at the top of this post) is to die for. Glam it up with gold or silver shoes and simple jewelry. It's like the modern, comfy version of Gwyneth's pink Ralph Lauren gown from the 1999 Oscars (I know it was 12 years ago, but I still love that dress!).

This Amsale Ruffle Front Chiffon Dress is gorgeous in blush - but if you go with what is traditionally a bridesmaid label (Amsale, Two Birds, etc.) just double check with the bride that the bridesmaids aren't already wearing it!

There are lots more out there - this is just a sample! Check out Shopbop, Saks, JCrew! Happy Comfy, Glam, Sweat-Free Wedding Going!

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  1. i DO love myself a cute flowy dress! The black one is my fave.