Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunday with the Slow Cooker - Shredded Fajita Chicken

Last weekend was a cold and rainy San Francisco mess but I could not have had more fun. A suprise weekend getaway to Half Moon Bay and a huge birthday dinner on Saturday night left me a very happy and tired out lady. With two nights of amazing italian food and wine behind me I wanted to cook something less carby on Sunday afternoon but with enough flavor and oomph to keep the Sunday night blues at bay. With the help of my slow-cooker I fixed up a healthy mexican style shredded chicken that had the satisfying depth of a much heavier meal!

This dish has great flavor and is very simple. I've been eating the leftovers for lunch over the past two days and those were just as good if not better than the fresh batch!

Here's the recipe to try for yourself...

Shredded Fajita Chicken - Makes about 4 servings
-1 large chicken breast and three thighs (all skinless and boneless)
-1 medium sized onion chopped
-2 red bell peppers chopped
-2 cans diced tomatoes in sauce
-1 1/2 packets of fajita seasoning (any brand works, always in the seasoning aisle) I've substituted taco seasoning too and that works out fine.
-1 tsp of red pepper flakes (less if you can't handle spice)
-Salt and pepper

-Put a large pan over medium high heat and spray with Pam
-Saute the onions and peppers in the pan for a few minutes, seasoning with salt and pepper
-Add the chicken into the pan and let brown on each side for a couple minutes (they should not be cooking through.)
-Add in the cans of tomatoes and the 1 and 1/2 packets of fajita seasoning.
-Mix everything together and sprinkle in some more salt and pepper as well as the red pepper flakes. Mix and let simmer until the tomato sauce starts to boil.
-Transfer all the contents of the pan into a slow cooker and put on low heat for 6 hours or high heat for 4 hours.
- If you DON'T have a SLOW COOKER --- just let simmer over medium heat on your stove for a few hours (sounds painful, right?)
-Once the timer is done use two forks to shred the chicken in the sauce, it should fall apart really easily (if not you may want to cook longer.)

-Serve by itself in a bowl with a little low-fat cheese sprinkled on top or drain it a bit by scooping up the chicken with a fork and serve it taco style on a corn tortilla with a little salsa. We tried it both ways and they both tasted amazing!

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  1. Just tried this recipe! Super delicious! And very easy, even without a slow cooker.