Sunday, July 24, 2011

Getaway to an Aircraft Carrier!

As I excitedly announced on Friday, Nic and I along with about 100 other Dartmouth alums with their family and friends spent the night on the USS Hornet - an aircraft carrier turned museum docked in the San Francisco bay. The experience exceeded my already high expectations and I'm happy to share the details since YOU TOO can sleep on the USS hornet, have an event there or just visit the museum during the day. Their sleepover program is open to the public and they are also available as an AMAZING event venue for a party, wedding or whatever! The staff was mostly comprised of retired military and they were very friendly and laughed that their sleepover program was normally groups of boyscouts and this was certainly the first time they'd had beer pong let alone beer as part of the programming. Honestly this was a really cool experience - the alumni club really thought everything through. We essentially had our run of the ship and the friendly employees were available to guide my friends and I around at any point during the night. They were extremely knowledgable and happy to give us a specialized "Ghosthunters" tour or just take us to the coolest parts of the ship. One of the older staff members even took us to the "haunted" captain's quarters and actually pulled out his ghostbusters-style paranormal activity detector to see if the ghosts would communicate with us. No luck, but it sure was entertaining! We ate in the mess hall, played beer pong on the decks, slept in the bunks and the alumni association even had dominos pizza delivered to the ship at midnight... it was awesome.

To check out the USS hornet during the day, do the sleep over program or host a corporate or personal party on the ship hit up their website here.

Here's just a few of the many many photos I took to recap the experience...

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