Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Friday and Wedding Blog Links

Happy Friday! Can you believe we're halfway through July? It's a little sad but August is the best summer month anyway, right?? Let's hope!

After hearing about two engagements this week and receiving a beautifully custom designed (by the groom) wedding invitation for my friend's wedding, I have had weddings on the brain! With matrimonial beauty in mind I thought I'd share some lovely links from all my favorite wedding blogs in case you're also wedding obsessed or just like to look at the pretty pictures :)

If you're married or have ever been in a wedding than you KNOW how hard it is to find affordable bridesmaid dresses! Well if you are on the hunt, Oncewed could help you out with their gorgeous pink and coral dress post. I love all the different silhouettes and fabrics they threw together and there are a few I wouldn't mind buying for a special occasion or just for going out.

Last week I finally admitted to myself that a $7 turkey sandwich or a $10 salad 5 days a week is not the smartest use of my hard earned cash. I have resolved to start bringing my lunch to work everyday. As incentive I'm going to take the $$ I'm saving and put it in a "Fun Vacation for Charlotte and Nic fund." After seeing this amazing honeymoon destination spot over at Grey Likes Weddings I think I know where that money will take us one day!!!! Attention all 5 star hotel owners: I am TOTALLY willing to share my review and photos of your establishment for a trip on the house. Whatever it takes to get a good blog post... I'm willing to do it :)

I'm totally digging Wiley Valentine's mod inspired wedding invites. They strike me as a bit feminine for a coed affair but they'd be amazing for a shower, bachelorette or a 60's themed soiree. No?

Oh Martha, you saucy minx! Your ruffle cake has been popping up on every cooking and wedding blog across the internet. Dare I try it at home? Now with Sweet and Saucy's video tutorial I just might try it... some day! It's the cutest pinkest cake I've ever seen. I never knew I would love something that girly!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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