Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Netflix List Recommendations: TV Shows

Netflix is an amazing thing for watching movies but what I love even more is catching tv shows I never had the chance or the cable station to watch. When you don't have time to commit to a 2 hour+ movie it's great to have an hour or half hour tv episode without commercials to throw in the dvd player. Here are a few of my latest Netflix faves if you need some new couch potato inspiration. If I missed any good ones leave them in the comments!

If you like "Friends"...
Try "How I Met Your Mother"

The clever banter, New York centric night life and attractive group of coed late 20-somethings makes for a great sitcom and a wonderfully modern alternative to "Friends." I'm not the biggest fan of sitcoms with laugh tracks but this one manages to work and totally makes me laugh outloud. Great characters!

If you like "The Office"...
Try "Parks and Recreation"

This silly cast of comedians makes an amazingly funny and sweet show about local town politics. I liked this show a lot the first season but I LOVED it in it's amazing second season. Now I'm hooked.

If you like "Law and Order" or any police/drugs type show...
Try "The Wire"

You know those books, movies or tv shows that evvveryone you know just raves about and tells you to see, but you still just don't want to? It's like you almost DON'T want to see it because everyone tells you how much you'll love it. No? you're not wierd like me? Well that was "The Wire" for me... everyone had told Nic and I how much we'd love it so we kept putting off renting it until we finally tried an episode... WE ARE HOOKED. This show is SOOOO good you just HAVE to see it :) But for serious, it's great.

If you like "Ace of Cakes"...
Try "Cake Boss"

What can I say? I like this like a fat kid likes cake.

If you have a beating heart in your chest...
Try "Friday Night Lights"

I can't put into words how much I love this show. It's amazing.

What'd I miss?


  1. We are OBSESSED with Parks and Rec! I actually can't decide who my favorite character is; I love all of them too much.

    We recommend:
    Summer Heights High. Australian comedy, one guy plays three different roles. Brilliant, irreverent, and surprisingly touching.
    Breaking Bad. This show is too intense for me but it's amazing.
    Curb Your Enthusiasm. It's just great.

  2. Ah I am IN LOVE with Friday Night Lights!!! I started watching when Matt was studying for finals, and now 2 months later, I'm hooked, 4 seasons in and can't stop.... SO GOOD!

    Oh, and as you know Buffy the Vampire Slayer is another must-see Netflix pick of course ;)

  3. AMAZING... Ok, first of all Summer Heights High IS THE BEST! love that show --- seriously good. Breaking Bad, I have not seen so i need to see it because everyone who has says it's so good.

    And Yes Kate --- you know how I feel about Buffy. 'Sigh'

  4. One that doesn't get enough attention, witch unfortunately unfortunately only has one season is "Life on Mars", if you like an shows like police dramas or sci-fi this is the show for yoi