Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crane Beach Massachusetts - Go There

Yesterday afternoon was the perfect mix of blue skies, calm oceans and sunshine that makes the cross country trip from San Francisco to the coast of Massachusetts suddenly seem like nothing at all. With bathing suits on, a bag of cookies, some towels and beers in hand, we headed to the Annisquam dock where Nic's good friend from High School picked us up in his parent's boat so we could all go out to Crane beach.

Crane beach is a beautiful public beach and protected bird preserve in Ipswich, MA. It extends from the historical Crane estate and is easily reachable by boat from surrounding ports. You can park at the beach for a $25 fee and walk the extent of the preserve which goes way out into the water. The further out you walk, the less crowded it is! It is beautiful and while I hear it is crowded on the weekends it was pretty deserted on this Tuesday afternoon at the far end of the beach. It was amazing.

We made a mediocre sand castle, played some frisbee and I even managed to swim in the reasonably freezing water. If you are a beach lover, this is one you shouldn't miss!

For directions on how to get there by car, hours and tips check out the Yelp reviews here or the official page here.

One tip - watch out for greenheads! These annoying little flies are most plentiful earlier in the summer and they bite. They're not a big enough reason to avoid the beach all together but I had to give you the warning!

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