Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Friday and Great Magazine Links

Happy Weekend Everyone! I'm off to the airport bright and early in the morning to head to NY for 48 hours of bachelorette party fun in the sun with some of my best and oldest friends. It's been a long two weeks of San Francisco fog and non-stop work so I am ready to play. I got my bikini packed, my ipad loaded up with movies for the flight and a ziplock full of advil and tums to ease any Saturday morning blues :) It's sure to be an excellent weekend!!!

One added bonus to this lengthy flight is that I get to fly out of San Francisco's new Terminal 2 which has an outlet of my favorite organic cafe, The Plant. I'm cautiously optimistic that it will be open at 6am when I arrive. PLEASE!!!

In household news, this past week I spent some time evaluating my magazine subscriptions and I decided to cancel both of them: Women's Health and Cooking Light. Cooking Light has great recipes, but I can only read so much about food and I tend to get my fill with other blogs and websites. Women's Health was getting a little repetitive and I wanted something new. I went to and replaced these subscriptions with two new ones that I'm super psyched about: Budget Travel and Sunset. Budget Travel will hopefully give some new inspiration for my cheap getaway planning and travel fantasies, while Sunset is all about "west coast living". Just like ME!

I won't receive my first issues for a little while but here are some awesome links from their websites so you can see what I'm so excited for...

Top 10 National Park beaches from Sunset

The 10 Most Beautiful Public Pools in the World from Budget Travel

Unfiltered... amazing...CUTENESS from Budget Travel

Amazingly plush ways to have vacation in the Wilderness from Sunset

Have a great one!

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