Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Friday and I'm Off!

Happy Friday Everyone! I've been looking forward to this particular Friday for a while now since it marks the beginning of a FULL week of vacation and family fun time. Nic and I take the red eye tonight and while I'm still traumatized by airports after my 7 hours spent in JFK last Sunday night (AND those TSA mo-fos stole my greek yogurt!!!!), I'm optimistic that SFO won't mess with me and all will go as planned! We're heading to the east coast for a little taste of New England as we bop between friends and family on the coast of Massachusetts, Connecticut and NYC. It's a bit of bouncing around but with a couple days in each place I'm optimistic we're going to have plenty of time to chill out and enjoy the north east in all it's summertime glory!

While I'm on vay-cay I hope to get some blog-worthy photography and BBQ-ing up to share but in the meantime here are some awesome links to hold you over for this sunny Friday....

I Love Italian Food:
How delicious do these slow roasted tomatoes that my friend Lizzy made look? I definitely want to whip up a bunch of these bad boys in a caprese salad to serve with BBQ this week at the beach!

I must have italian food on the brain because Shape magazine's 5 pizzas to make at home look amazing!

I Love Boat Shoes:
Do you?

I Love My Imaginary Hamptons Life:
Going to farmer's markets, walking to the beach, reading in the sun. What could be better?

Peace out people!!!

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