Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hot Lunch: Shredded Sprouts and Sauce

The other Friday I had the pleasure of working from home. My schedule was in the rare state of meeting-free and I had a ton of computer work to do so I decided to jam it out from the comfort of my "home office"...

Apart from wearing running shorts and tank tops all day, my favorite part about working from home is getting to make myself a nice homemade lunch in my own kitchen. This particular day at home the pickin's in the fridge were slim but I found half a bag of brussel sprouts leftover from the night before so I decided to whip up a different type of salad. I am a brussel sprout fiend but I didn't want to spend the time slicing and roasting them so I tossed them in our steamer whole and then threw them into the cuisinart. I topped this delightful nest of warm shredded sprouts with some hot marinara sauce, a little parmesan cheese and some chopped up chicken sausage. The steaming and sauce combo took the bitter edge out of the sprouts as well or better than roasting them and the meal came together like a delicious warm salad. I can't wait to serve it up for dinner sometime as a side dish to fish or chicken.

If you don't have steaming apparatus, I imagine you could boil the sprouts to get them soft and things would be just as easy and quick.

Here's the simple yummy recipe...

Hot Sprouts in Sauce
-2 cups brussel sprouts
-3/4 cups tasty marinara or meat sauce (I like Trader Joe's "Rustico" and I added a little chopped chicken sausage for protein)
-2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese
-Salt and Pepper

-Boil water and steam sprouts for about 10 minutes or until they are nice and tender.
-Warm marinara sauce in a separate pan or in the microwave. If you want to include some meet (pre-cooked) like I did just throw it in the pan or bowl to heat up in the sauce
-When sprouts are soft, put them in the cuisinart to shred them up.
-Pour sprouts in a big bowl and season well with salt and pepper.
-Top with the hot sauce and parmesan. Mix up and enjoy!

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