Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Links and Airstream Dreams

Happy Friday Everyone!
It's been a busy four day week on the work front and I'm particularly excited for this weekend since we have family visiting SF and staying in our little guest room! We essentially rented a 2-bedroom to entice east coast visitors so I'm always excited when someone comes and stays. Guests are also my favorite excuse to try out new restaurants and visit our favorite spots around the bay so I'm looking forward to lots of weekend fun.

Ever since I laid eyes on this post over at Three Sisters Three Cities blog, I've been spending an inordinate amount of time dreaming about trailers. These folks turned their vintage airstream into a design magazine worthy dream guest apartment and I'm OBSESSED.

When I "grow up" I plan to have one in the back yard of my Ojai vacation house :) I'll plant a little succulent garden around it with some modern Adirondack chairs, renovate the interior so it's totally Anthropologie-chic and comfy to make it a fabulous little guest apartment for parents and inlaws whenever they want to visit! I'd keep it light and airy with a simple bright color scheme and a few nice kitchen things to make breakfast and snacks with. I'm thinking something like this...

Sweet, right?

If that doesn't work out then Nic and I will just have to make a trip to this hotel and stay in a trailer guest room of our own on their roof top trailer park...

Here's to travel and decorating dreams! Happy Friday!!!

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