Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Friday to You

Happy Friday People!!!

I hate to admit it but Fall is totally here! The air is crisp, everyone at my office is sporting their new boots and San Franciscans can officially stop complaining about their lack of Summer - because it's OVER. So what can you do? Embrace the season, start watching the newest must see TV, buy some plaid shirts and cook more. Here are a few recipes that I hope to get to this season. Have a GREAT weekend!

I want to make this easy chickpea burger recipe from Wiley Valentine

A super fancy, delicious and upscale looking dessert that ACTUALLY seems easy enough to make at home? Does it exist???? Yes. Check out this peach creme brulee at Feast on the Cheap. Looks good!

Colder weather means delicious and warming comfort food. I'm excited to make a few treats from this list of delicious pumpkin based recipes.

Also, apparently it is San Francisco cocktail week. I might have to whip up one of these bad boys this weekend.

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