Monday, September 12, 2011

The US Open and Crazy Tennis Apparel

After spending a good chunk of Saturday afternoon watching the US Open, Nic and I were super eager to dig out our rackets and whack around some tennis balls on Sunday afternoon. Apparently most of San Francisco had the same idea and the Dolores Park public tennis courts were a bit busier than usual. We managed to finally get on a court and enjoyed about an hour of hitting back and forth while trying not to get too distracted by the strangely large group of hoolahooping hippies next to the courts...for real. Just another Sunday at Dolores Park! While my skills are mediocre at best, tennis is a great excuse to get outside, get a little excercise and of course --- get some new workout gear!

Which brings me to the point of this post... how much do you love tennis clothes? I love seeing the crazy fashion the Williams sisters show up with, the men's matching tees and headbands, the crazy shoes, and of course the skirts and dresses. I don't care if it's good, bad or ugly - I just love it all!

Here are some of my favorite tennis fashion pics from the US Open this year (all images from the US Open website.)

Now I just need to play enough tennis to justify more than one outfit :)


  1. Love this post - totally agree with everything, Char!

  2. Thanks Christina --- The US open ALWAYS makes me think of you! hahaha