Thursday, October 6, 2011

Brighten up Your Bathroom With a Hard-To-Kill Succulent!

A couple months ago, Kate shared a great post on how to cheaply brighten and classy-up your living space with flowers from your local bodega. I was completely inspired and ONLY 2 short months later (after my visiting mother offered to pay for it,) we remembered to buy a plant! After much discussion and analysis at the flower shop, Nic and I decided to hedge our bets and buy two. One was a very pretty little potted purple guy (don't expect me to know the names) that despite our daily watering and weekly fertalizing now looks like this...

The other was our safer bet, a really hard-to-kill plant, a succulent! Succulents are easy little cactus-y looking things that require a small amount of water about once a week and not much else. After about a month, our little sucker is going strong, brightening up our bathroom and looking stylish as ever. This is a first for me, so I had to share!!!

We will definitely be replacing the dying purple plant with a succulent ASAP! Next time your bathroom or kitchen table needs a little sprucing up - buy a little succulent and call it a day. For less than $10 and no anxiety it is well worth it!!!

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