Monday, October 31, 2011

Exciting Stuff: Get Your Audio Book On

When I was about 7 or 8 I went through a long phase of listening to books on tape to help me fall asleep. I had a huge collection of classics and got into a routine of passing out to Mark Twain, CS Lewis, EB White or whatever cassette would go in my hand-me-down boombox. Eventually I got over the habit and my awesome tape collection was raided by my older sister and her delinquent friends who wanted a faster way to get through their high school English class assignments :)

Aside from on road trips, I hadn't really listened to any books on tape since then until a couple of months ago. I had been coming home from work to cook or just chill out and my eyes were so tired from staring at a computer that I wanted some kind of entertainment that didn't involve looking at a screen. I decided to download an audio book on my ipad to listen to while I cooked... Delightful! Thanks to itunes and my old lady eyes I am now fully back on the audio book train.

Listening to a book on tape is a great way to relax while cleaning, cooking, taking a bath or a roadtrip. Here are some of my favorite books on tape in case you need to give your eyes a rest! These are all available on Itunes or you could probably buy the CDs on Amazon.

1. Any of the Harry Potter books

I know I know, you're a grown up! But whether you're the #1 member of the Potter fan club or think magical books are for Renaissance Fair followers, I promise, you will TRULY enjoy the HP audio books. The stories are exciting but easy to follow and the actors they choose to read the books are so amazing that you are hanging on their every word. BONUS - these are super long so they're great for long car trips or repeated usage on short trips. Nic and I listened to a few of these on our road trip from Boston to Graceland a few years ago.

2. The Art of Racing in The Rain by Garth Stein

This is a delightful book that I have also mentioned in my recommended reading lists but the truth is I listened to most of it on the ipad. Try it out!

3. Little Children by Tom Perotta

You might have seen this saucy and thought provoking movie starring Kate Winslet but now it's time to listen to the even saucier more thought provoking book. It is so good! This great story and cast of characters kept Nic and I sane and entertained on a 7 hour traffic crawl to Lake Tahoe this summer. Check it out!

4. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel By Susanna Clarke

On the second half of our Roadtrip of the south in 2006 Nic and I looked for the longest possible book on tape and came across this amazing novel. It's a historical fiction book about two competing magicians. I know, sounds Super Cool but I swear it is really good and not lame at all! Just trust me, it is great.

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