Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Friday and Blues Angels Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a rainy week out here and chock full of work so I'm eager for a weekend of sun and hanging out. This weekend is the end of San Francisco's annual fleet week which means starting today there are daily Blue Angel air shows going on above the city. It is AMAZING! If you have never seen the Blue Angels I would definitely recommend getting your butt on google and finding out when they are coming to your city. Their San Francisco show is definitely an October highlight for the city. They jet, roll and soar straight up over landmarks like the golden gate bridge and San Franciscans spend the day bbq-ing, drinking and sitting outside with friends watching the show. It is my favorite fall event!

For those of you in the Bay area, here's the sched so you can catch the show. I'm hoping to head up to my office's rooftop cafe for lunch today so I can catch a preview of the big show we'll watch from a friend's party tomorrow!

Enjoy the weekend wherever you are and I'll see you soon!

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