Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween Weekend!

Happy Halloween Weekend! Hopefully you're embracing the season, dressing up, stockpiling candy or carving pumpkins. We hit up our first Halloween party last night and my office had a halloween party on Thursday so I'm chock full of good costume ideas! I'm going to keep my favorites to myself to use at a later date but here are a few fun and easy ones in case you need a last minute idea for tonight or Monday.

1. The Bachelor:
What you Need: 1 guy in a suit with a rose, a group of girls in prom style or red or black cocktail dresses with little name tags that have an age, name and profession like "Karen, 26, Physical Therapist." If you have extra people, get someone to be a cameraman and a sound boom operator.

2. Angry Birds:
What you need: See picture above!

3. Hot tub Time Machine:
What you need: A bathing suit, a clock around your neck and a beer

4. Pinata and Birthday Girl:
What you need: two girls - one wears a bright colored dress and has a pinata hanging from her neck (full of candy of course). The other girl wears birthday hat, has birthday girl paraphenalia and a baseball bat or stick.

5. Coppertone Baby
What you need: a nude "naked" suit, a pair of little blue shorts or a bikini bottom and a stuffed dog. Pin the stuff dogged to the back of your bottoms to make it look like he is pulling them down. Put your hair in pigtails and make your cheeks rosy with blush.

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