Monday, October 10, 2011

Hot Date in Oakland: Art Murmur and Pizzaiolo

While Nic and I are doing our best to hit up the bay's most scenic spots and tastiest restaurants we still have about a million places to try. This past Friday night we finally got a chance to explore some culture and food in Oakland which is only 9 miles from our apartment but somehow we've only been there twice! We were headed to an art show featuring works by one of Nic's parents' closest friend so we were very excited to have an excuse to spend a Friday night in a more intellectual setting than usual :) The art show was part of Oakland's Art Murmur First Friday on 23rd and Telegraph street. Art Murmur is series of events to promote and celebrate Oakland's art community. The event we attended was called First Friday - which happens on the first Friday night of October where art galleries in this cute Oakland neighborhood open up to the public, street vendors set up outside and traffic is prohibited so you can wander the booths, eat the delicious food-cart cuisine and stroll through the art galleries with a glass of wine. The crowd is eclectic and the scene in the neighborhood reminded me a lot of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The booths, food and galleries were all worth the trip over the bay and the art show we went there for was really amazing. You can check it out for yourself at Art Murmur's Saturday Strolls which now occur every Saturday afternoon. If you're looking for something fun to do, definitely check out a Saturday stroll and be sure to hit up Yee Jan Bao's show at the Hatch Gallery (details and directions below!)

After the show we headed to Pizzaiolo, an italian restaurant up the street. This place is something special. We devoured delicious pizza, inventive salads and beautiful pastas made from all local, seasonal and organic ingredients. Each bite was worth its own "ooh" or "ahh" and the heirloom tomato salad we started with was one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted. The lighting, warmth and cozy decor inside make it a wonderful place to spend a couple hours and it has a really pretty patio in the back. Next time you need a good spot in Oakland, call ahead and make a reservation... you MIGHT see me there :)

Here are the directions, websites and tips so you can plan your night out in Oakland!

Art Murmur events: Check here for directions and details on upcoming events and Saturday Strolls
-"Saturday Strolls" occur every Saturday from 1pm-5pm here...

Pizzaiolo: SO GOOD! Make a reservation though because this place is pop-u-lar!
Address: 5008 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609
Phone #: (510) 652-4888
Website is here

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