Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 Awesome Gifts For Your Gadget Guy

I'm 100% all about inexpensive and thoughtful Christmas gifts buttttt I must admit that while we try to be thrifty during the year Nic and I do occasionally like to spoil each other at holidays and birthdays and whenever I need something that's sure to please I turn to the tech world. If you have a gadget guy (or gal) in your life --- here are some great gift ideas. These are not all the most recession friendly gifts but I'll have plenty of those to come!!!

1. Cinemin Swivel Pocket Projector
This little gadget is the size of a large old school cell phone and it projects movies and images the size of a large flat screen on your wall, ceiling or any surface. You can hook it up to your computer, DVD player, phone of almost any other device. When Nic and I first moved into our apartment and our moving truck hadn't arrived yet we sat on the floor and projected movies from itunes on the wall. If you have a yard you could hang a sheet and have a movie night - so fun! Get yours at Amazon.

2. Rocksmith Authentic Guitar Game - aka Nic's latest favorite toy
Oh man is he going to LOVE this one. You've heard of Guitar Hero or Rock Band --- video games where he can fulfill his rock star fantasies. Well this game allows him to play the game with a REAL guitar! Just plug the cord from your Xbox into your electric guitar and play the game by following the song on your real guitar. Not only is he fulfilling his rockstar fantasies and playing video games but he is actually learning to play the guitar and YOU can feel like he is actually doing something productive with that damn Xbox. WIN WIN! Also - it's not too loud! Available here. You can get for XBox or Play Station.

3. Think Geek Guitar Tee from OldNavy.com
Oh man this shirt is either the coolest thing I've ever seen or the most annoying --- TBD. This amazing $25 t-shirt comes with it's own amplifier that you just throw a couple of batteries in and voila you have a guitar on your shirt. The dude can literally just sit on his couch and play his t-shirt. There is also a boy's, girls and women's version!

4. Nike GPS Watch Powered by Tom Tom
Do you have a runner in your life? This is definitely the gift for him! Nike's awesome GPS watch is significantly smaller and lighter than your average GPS watch and it actually looks pretty cool too. The best part, I think, is that it plugs right into your computer so you can download your running maps and use Nike's website to see your time, mile splits and a map view of your running route using the GPS technology. No extra parts required- you just need a computer!
Nic takes his on all his runs and it even works on his trail runs in the middle of nowhere.

5. Nike Running Watch
This is another great gadget for a runner but a bit more accessible price wise and still totally awesome. Nic and I both have these guys and I use mine every time I go running. Basically it's a simple watch that links up to a little Nike+ sensor that it comes with. The sensor fits inside your Nikes OR in a little $5 pouch that you can buy to stick to the top of whatever running shoes you want! When you start running and sync up your watch to your sensor the watch will tell you your pace, distance and calories burned. You can save this info on your computer when you plug the watch into it after the run and monitor your progress. The watch charges by being plugged into your computer so you need one of those but otherwise you are good to go! Get yours here.

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  1. Those are some really cool gadgets! I have always liked the Guitar Hero games but thought it lacked complexity after a while on medium difficulty. I felt that learning Hard or Very Hard would be a waste of time when I could actually learn to play a guitar. With that Rock Smith game it seems to be the best of both worlds. I would have to get t-shirt just to go along with the theme. There is one must have gadget for guys that I just got. I am so blown away by it I have to tell everyone. I got it from my employer and TV provider DISH Network. It’s called the Tailgater Portable Satellite system. Basicly it is a small satellite dish encased in a box. It’s motorized and automatically finds signal from the satellite needed for each channel in just seconds. I can take HDTV with me anywhere I want. Tailgating, RV trips, summer holidays down at the park or even weekend movie parties and bbqs in the back yard! If your guy likes TV, sports, or the outdoors this is a great gift!