Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Friday and A Couple Turkey Day Tips!

Happy Friday!
I've been sneezing and coughing my way through the work week so I'm so happy to be done for the week and enjoy a relaxing weekend in the city.

Thanksgiving is JUST around the corner and if you are still deciding what to bring to the table or how to cook your turkey I have three suggestions for you based on my whopping ONE year of Thanksgiving hosting experience :)

Don't 'F' Up the Turkey!!!!:
If you have never cooked a thanksgiving turkey before or never SUCCESSFULLY cooked a Thanksgiving turkey then do yourself a BIG favor... Buy a Butterball brand turkey at your local grocery store. I know I know, this is totally against what I usually stand for--- you were totally going to buy the uber organic free range Whole Foods bird and I just told you to buy Butterball. But TRUST ME--- buy the Butterball, follow the directions on the package exactly and you can not screw it up and you end up with a DELICIOUS JUICY bird. We made our first turkey last year and used this advice and it was frickin awesome. Also, if you're serving a really small group of people like 3 or less, try making a roast chicken instead.

Weekends So Sweet's Favorite T-day Side Dishes!
1. Sauteed Brussel Sprouts with Turkey bacon: I'll be making this again this year after it's stellar premier at Thanksgiving 2010 :) Chop up brussel sprouts well or shred with a Cuisinart and saute with some olive oil, chicken broth and lots of turkey bacon, a chopped shallot and salt and pepper. Saute until flavorful and the brussel sprouts are nice and soft.

2. Butternut Squash Lasagna from Cooking Light: I made this delicious seasonal lasagna last year as my Turkey side dish and it was great! It is a bit time consuming but the amazing thing is that you can assemble it a day or two in advance and just stick it in the oven on Turkey Day!

Alright, good luck people. More thanksgiving love to come next week!!

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