Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday friends! It's been a busy busy couple of weeks for me at work but by the end of the day today the crazy and big projects should taper down and I can settle back into normal work days. SO, I am VERY excited for a weekend to relax and attempt to enjoy the very brisk weather that has suddenly swept not-so-sunny San Francisco this week! My mom is in town for work so we've got fun dinners on the books, a few plans with friends, a long run in China Camp park to prep for Nic's upcoming 35k race (not mine!) plus I've got a few holiday recipes I want to get crackin' on to do some major taste-testing pre Turkey Day! Soooo lots to come on the blog in the next few weeks! GET PSYCHED PEOPLE!

What are your plans this weekend? I hope the weather is "brisk" and fall-ish as opposed frickin freezing and snowy where you are, unless that's your thing of course :)

Here are some fun links I've enjoyed this week while drinking my coffee and eating my eggs!

Pretty Things:
I'm LOVING this gold and bone white inspiration spread from Once Wed. I'd like one of everything thanks!

Oh yeah, and this wedding makes me swooooon. OOOOH I love weddings!!!

Reasons to buy more cookwear and yummy things:
Be the holiday MVP by making Feast On The Cheap's homemade popovers at breakfast for the whole fam

"I love food. No Shame" blog shares shockingly simple steps to make a delicious looking risotto. I might Actually attempt making risotto for the first time with these instructions!

That's it for now, off to work. XOXO

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