Thursday, December 22, 2011

Adios and Movie Rentals For Holiday Lounging

Adios amigos! This time tomorrow I'll be on a lengthy flight to Miami and then on an even longer one to Montevideo, Uruguay. I just rented "The Help" and "Rise, Planet of the Apes" on my ipad for the flight and downloaded a very cool Spanish app so I should be relaxed and fluent by the time I arrive :)

If you are home for the holidays and your family is anything like mine then I'm sure you're looking forward to lots of lounging time to sit around and watch movies. In case no one can commit to a rental choice or you are out of ideas I thought I'd share a few suggestions of some recent rentals I have enjoyed!

Our Idiot Brother - Funny and Sweet with a great cast. I loved this!

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Swedish Version - BAD ASS!

Bigger Faster Stronger
- documentary on Steroids in America (really fascinating stuff)

Limitless --- a fun and entertaining thriller


  1. Bon voyage -- or should I say vaya con dios? Either way, have a great time. And you're right about Your Idiot Brother. No not your know what I mean!

  2. Just watched Limitless over the break actually. Held my attention for 90 minutes, which is all I really ask of a movie...