Saturday, December 10, 2011

Easy Party Treat: S'mores on a Stick!

Happy Saturday friends! Holiday fever is in full swing and it's been go go go all month long. This week was crazy busy so I was really looking forward to Friday for Nic and my annual Christmas party at our digs! We wanted to keep things fun and tasty with drinks and apps but not plan to make anything that would be too labor intensive or involved to pull together in a couple of hours. The party was great! We filled a table with easy and tasty treats and made two awesome rum punches for easy serving and replenishment all night (recipes to come!). About 40 or so friends came throughout the night and the HD yule log was burning bright.

One of my favorite bites on offer were these super easy S'more pops. They were complete crowd pleasers and literally took 10 minutes and 3 ingredients to make - SO EASY! If you are headed to a Christmas party, work event or hosting a little get together these are a quick and easy treat that you can add to the mix. I first saw a picture of these in some blog I can't remember that had a round up of different S'more recipes. When I google them now I see a few references but most point to the Inspired Taste blog. Well whoever came up with them - they are tasty and simple. Here's how I made mine!!!

S'mores on A Stick
-1 bag jet puffed marshmallows
-2 bars of good dark chocolate -- we got Trader Joe's 71% dark chocolate bars - break into little pieces
-6-7 Graham crackers crushed into tiny crumbs (Do this by pounding them in a bag or putting them in your food processor.)
-Tooth picks

-Put chocolate in a little bowl and melt in the microwave or put in a small pot and melt over the stove.
-Put tooth picks in the marshmallows and swirl them sideways in the melted chocolate to cover all the sides.
-Roll the chocolate covered marshmallows in the graham cracker crumbs and put on a plate or tray to let them cool for a few minutes before serving. You can do these ahead of time too and put them in the fridge and I bet they wouldn't be so bad frozen either!

Eat and enjoy!!!!

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  1. These, the pumpkin cake and the spiked cider were all amazing. I should drink out of crockpots more often!