Tuesday, February 21, 2012

4 Great Movie Rentals

I love a good rental. I'm not too picky and when I'm only spending $3.99 I can afford to be entertained instead of needing that $12.50 theater ticket wow factor. The first half of February was pretty work-filled and low key so Nic and I watched our fare share of rentals and the below four were not just "good for $3.99" but really great movies! I would recommend the below movies to anyone so if you haven't seen them and need to re-fresh the Netflix list, check these out!

I meant to see this in the theater but it didn't happen. It was a GREAT movie. Sad, funny and real. I really liked this a lot and so did Nic.

This is a BEAUTIFUL movie! Funny, sad and so touching --- I really loved it. Be warned, it's a tear jerker.

Money Ball
Soo.... you've heard of this one? Stars an actor named Brad Pitt I think? Well I might be the only one that missed this hit in the theaters but I really enjoyed it on DVD. You will too!

OK OK now you're skeptical -- a movie about MMA fighting might not be your idea of fun but this movie is good! It's a totally entertaining and heart wrenching story about two washed up fighter brothers that have to get their act together and get back in the ring again to help out their families. You don't have to enjoy violence to like this. It's like a modern day Rocky with hotter guys and less speech impediments. What's not to love!?

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