Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Easy and Healthy Hot Lunch!

Lately I've been trying to work from home about one day a week. It's a great chance to work away at my laptop without the distractions of a busy office and throw in a load of laundry or two. My favorite part is definitely staying in workout clothes all day but I also love the opportunity to cook a hot lunch in the comfort of my own kitchen. I go through phases with lunch, I'll want salads, then I get sick of those and go to sandwiches and then eventually I move on to a hot lunch... which is where I am now :) I recently discovered the amazing easiness and convenience of frozen brussel sprouts and right now my at-home or bring-to-work lunches always seem to have a side of sprouts. This lunch came together when I worked from home on Friday and while it wasn't anything novel in a culinary sense it was so delicious and satisfying I felt the need share. Do you ever get to work from home? Do you ever make lunch for yourself on the weekend? If you're like me --- chances are you normally eat out or eat leftovers for lunch, but if not - try whipping up this healthy and filling plate!

Healthy Chicken and Veggies for 1
1 large chicken breast (boneless and skinless)
1 tablespoon wheat flour
1 tsp garlic powder
1 pinch cayenne powder
Salt and Pepper

1 cup Frozen Brussel sprouts (these cook faster than fresh)
1/2 cup frozen butternut squash (these cook faster than fresh)

-Preheat oven to 450
-Spray a baking sheet with Pam and put brussel sprouts and squash on it (mine were still frozen).
-Spray veggies with Pam and season with lots of salt and a little pepper
-Bake for about 20 minutes and move everything around then bake for 5-10 minutes longer until sprouts are browning on the edges and so are the bottoms of the squash. Veggies should be soft enough that you can easily poke into them with a fork.

-Cut up Chicken into large nugget size pieces
-Put flour, seasonings and a good amount of salt and pepper into a plastic zip lock back and put the chicken in there. Seal and shake up until they are coated.
-Spray another baking sheet with pam and put the chicken on there.
-Cook in the oven with the veggies (after the veggies have been cooking for about 15 minutes. Cook chicken for about 8 minutes at 450 (longer if temp is lower.)
-Check chicken is cooked through and enjoy with veggies on the side and dipping sauce of your choice (I recommend BBQ sauce or mustard!)

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