Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Friday and Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Happy Friday everyone! Valentine's Day is just around the corner and like any Hallmark holiday - it is a great chance to try something new in the kitchen! We are celebrating a co-worker's birthday at work today so last night I had the chance to test out a Valentine's cupcake idea I saw on Pinterest that would be a perfect way to treat your Valentine to something sweet next week.

I was 100% gung ho to bake earlier this week when we were planning our co-worker's birthday but by the time Thursday night rolled around I was feeling a little lazy and decided to scratch my "made from scratch" plans and go the route of Duncan Hines cupcake mix. I fancied up the "home-baked" cupcakes by dying my vanilla frosting pink with a little food coloring and etching hearts into the tops like so...

I think they turned out pretty darn cute and they are an easy way to get in the Valentine's spirit!

Here are the simple steps to make them yourself:

Heart Cupcakes - Spotted on Pinterest!

-Chocolate Cupcakes (bake with a boxed mix or try out your favorite from-scratch recipe.) I used Duncan Hines!
-Vanilla Frosting (Make from scratch or just buy the pre-made stuff.)
-Pink or red food coloring - Just a couple dots until you have the perfect pink!
-Plastic zip lock bag

-Bake cupcakes and let cool 15 minutes.
-Mix food coloring in with frosting to get it to the perfect light pink. Pour frosting into a plastic zip lock bag and cut a small hole at one end.
-Cut top off cupcake base.
-Cut small heart carefully out of the top of the cupcake with a knife (or cookie cutter if you are so lucky!) Should look like this...

-Frost flat base of cupcake.
-Replace the top onto the frosted cupcake.
-Fill heart with extra frosting.

Share with friends and lovers and enjoy :)


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