Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy LATE Valentines Day!

So I'm a day or two late but Happy Valentines Day! My Valentine to Nic was the above trio of mini cakes which he managed to plow through with many a yummy noise but as you can see I am NOT a skilled cake decorator. Frosting shit is hard! Fortunately I made these the night before V-day since we had to cancel our fancy Valentines dinner date due to me coming down with a horrific case of food poisoning... Yup, that's right, food poisoning on Valentines Day.

Sooo.... I spent the night before and actual V-day in a less than ideal state but at least we managed to have a romantic 6pm chicken broth dinner.

Oh well, better luck next year! Lots more to come in terms of recipes as soon as I am no longer scarred by our kitchen and the general aroma of cooking. Hope your week has been puke free and full of Valentines love :)

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