Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua and Pictures from Our Trip!

Hi Everyone! It's Charlotte's sister Katharine. It has been a while since I contributed to the blog but our little family of three just got back from an amazing trip in Central America and I wanted to share some pictures and notes from the blog we kept on our trip. Here's one of my posts with great hotel tips in case you ever want to plan a trip to Nicaragua...

Hi from Little Corn Island... It's 8 miles away from Big Corn Island, which is about 45 miles off the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. The water is spectacularly turquoise and the beach has white, white sand. Our spot at Casa Iguana is pretty amazing, with a killer view of the Caribbean, where we ate amazing Coconut French Toast for breakfast this morning. Life is pretty good on this little island.

View from the main lodge at Casa Iguana, where we ate some yummy breakfasts.

View out onto the water, Little Corn Island

This morning we hiked the little trails (there are no cars or roads on Little Corn) to the north end of the island. We plopped ourselves on a little beach and splashed around. Henry is SUCH a beach baby. He literally lies in the sand as the waves crash on him. And, getting him out of the water and dried off is a sad time for him.

Surfs up on Big Corn Island for little man

Big Corn Island grew on us but wasn't quite the paradise we were looking for; it was such a dicotomy of poor local living and what could have been an amazing tropical paradise. The beaches have all the makings for perfect white sand, turquoise water but the trash that collects on the beach is CRAZY. And the Island's poverty is pretty overt with shacks, shoeless and torn-clothed kids everywhere.

Picnic Beach, Big Corn Island

We found a cute little spot, La Princesca de La Isla which was run by some crazy Italians (crazy in a good way). The place sat at the end of a long beach and right off the property were several shacks were a ton of kids lived. They would come and play with Henry on the beach. It was such and honest and memorable scene with little Henry running and laughing and playing his heart out. The kids would build a huge sand mound, pick Henry up and plop him atop it. Then they would surround him and sing Happy Birthday in English, Spanish and Creole. It was so cute. Every time he stood up the bigger kids would brush the sand off his bottom and hands. And when he ran into the water they would pull him back to safety. They were wonderful little babysitters. Henry blew them kisses when we went inside and they all blew kisses back... it was such a sweet and wonderful moment. One I hope I'll never forget.

Our bungalow at La Princesca

Henry contemplating life while we ate breakfast at La Princesca

Henry is a hit with the locals!

This is one I'll hold on to... always!

It was an amazing trip and this was just one of our amazing stops. For more info on great places to go off the beaten path in Central America and traveling with a toddler, you can read our travel notes and see more pictures at Lord Steppe on the Go.

A little light reading on the plane ride home. 

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