Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trips I Want to Take

While I like to think I'm a present and engaged participant in my own life a part of me is always looking ahead to the next adventure, weekend, purchase or meal. I can't help it, I like to plan ahead! Both my siblings have been doing some amazing travel in the last year and it's got me thinking about all the big trips Nic and I want to take. Here are a few of our travel "to-dos" with pictures from Pinterest. Where do you want to go?

1. London and Paris: Eat, walk around, drink and be merry :)
Nic's never been to Paris and I've never been to London. This must be fixed! Plus I have a bestie who is living in Notting Hill which I've heard is quite the place so this is really a trip that needs to happen!

2. Greek Islands:
I want to jump into the ocean, eat feta and tomatoes and walk up steep hills to relax on a white porch with a glass of wine. I think I need to go to Greece :)

3. Road trip of the American West --- I want to take a scenic and outdoorsy road trip of the American West stopping along at some of the awesome looking places below. We would drive from place to place with plenty of break time to hike, take pictures and buy a t-shirt at each spot :) Here are some of the places I would want to hit up:

Yellowstone National Park: I came here once as a kid but I forget it

Moab, Utah: This place looks awesome (picture at the top of the post.)
This is where they filmed that James Franco movie, "127 hours" and it is supposed to be beautiful I kind of just want to hike around and take pictures here (but not chop my own arm off.) I think this could be part of a western tour.

Source: via Shelly on Pinterest

The Grand Canyon: Um, Duh.

4. Turkey: I want to go all over this beautiful country! I've been to Istanbul a couple of times but it was for work so I really didn't get to explore! I want to see the caves of Cappadocia, explore Istanbul's tourist spots and explore the entire coast.

Well I hope you're officially travel inspired. I could go on forever and don't even get me started on Asia --- too many places I want to see! More ideas to come and I'll let you know if I start to check any off the list :)


  1. Char our lists are so similar. Although Argentina, Japan, and a trip back to the Middle East are tops for me too. But oh Greece...for all the reasons you list!

  2. Turkey
    Paris always
    Road trip -- return to the Wild West: Little Big Horn, yes Yellowstone, right or left follow your nose
    Maine -- ay yah!
    back to Iran some day -- inshallah