Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break 2012: NYC and Miami

One of the best things about having a spouse in grad school is having an excuse to go on...wait for it, wait for it.. Spring Break! Nic has a full week off from school next week so I have taken a whopping 5 days off work so we can make like college kids and get our Spring Break on!!! Ok, so we're not quite heading to Cancun for a wet t-shirt contest at Senior Frogs but I'm frickin' excited to have a full week with no work and an excuse to get out of town. On Friday night we take the red eye to NY for 4 full days of seeing the NY friends and family we miss so much. We've filled almost all our time making plans to meet up with people but I'm so excited to take run on the bridal path in Central park, eat a REAL bagel (I'm sorry SF people but Noah's is crap), eat some steamed spinach dumplings at Saigon Grill and see a movie at Lincoln Center. Since our trip was free (tickets with miles and lodging at mom's,) we decided to treat ourself with a quick 3 day jaunt to South Beach Miami afterwards to round out the week! NY will be great but we have almost every minute scheduled catching up with friends and family so we figured 2 and a half sunny beach days with nothing to do besides some poolside cocktails and tanning would do us good :) Now I just have to get through the packing challenge of a week split between NYC and Miami.

In thinking about all the things I want to do in NYC I realized that it is one of those cities where everyone you meet has different list of must-dos, must-sees and must eats! Here is my personal list in case you need some new ideas...

My NYC Hit List:

To Eat
-Those fig cookies at the front counter of every bodega. Yup, I'm the one who likes those.
-Lenny's Bagels on 98th and Broadway
-Saigon Grill on 90th and Amsterdam (other locations not as good)
-Norma's at the Parker Meridian -- BEST breakfast spot ever and it takes reservations :)
-Kefi - Delicious Greek restaurant with yummy Sangria
-Mermaid Inn - Yummy sea food and delicious Dark 'N Stormies

To Do
-Run in Central Park
-Run along the Hudson in Riverside park on the UWS
-See a movie at Lincoln Center
-Window shop EVERYWHERE
-Buy hair products at Ricky's

And then of course I have my much shorter but equally important list of things I want to do in South Beach.

My South Beach Hitlist is simple and sweet:

To Eat

-The Big Pink - This is the best bfast place ever! Great fluffy omelettes, smoothies and everything else you want. I'm hoping we can take a long walk along the beach to this spot all three mornings we are in town!

To Do
-Get poolside drinks at all the sceney beachy hotels, or the rooftop of ours :)
-Lie poolside
-Lie beachside
-Walk along Lincoln Ave with an iced soy latte and peak into the shops

What are your NYC hits? Got any Miami ones we should try out or see?

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