Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up and Mexican style Cauliflower "Rice"

Hi Everyone, long time no blog! Last weekend Nic and I had two sunny AND snowy (a rare combo) solid days of skiing at Snowbird but when it came time to head to the airport on Sunday the road was closed due to an avalanche.

So we were stuck at the mountain for a couple more hours, missed our flight and didn't get back to San Francisco until Monday. From that point on it was a bit of a rush until work wrapped up on Friday. So now with avalanches behind us and a restful and fun weekend in San Francisco we are back in the swing of things.

Friday night we saw a great movie that I definitely wanted to recommend... Friends with Kids. Have you seen it? It was funny and cute and has a great cast. I'm a fan.

We kicked off Saturday with a long hike/run up the bobcat trail in the Marin headlands, a delicious breakfast at our favorite spot in Sausalito and some Bloody Marys at our neighborhood bar.

From there we had dinner with friends in North beach and aside from the horribleness of Springing forward for daylight savings it has been quite the delightful weekend at home! Now that we're all caught up to speed on the comings and goings you don't really care about I'll get to the point of this post which was to share a GREAT new recipe I tried out (I know, I'm soooo modest,) Mexican style cauliflower "rice."

Ever since I fell in love with this faux fried rice made with cauliflower instead of rice I have been thinking about other yummy rice dishes that I'd like to try out with the low-carb cauliflower fake out. The first thing that came to mind was tomato-y Mexican style rice that I love but rarely eat. On Friday for lunch when I was working from home I took a stab at a cauliflower version of this rice and it turned out so great I'm making it again tonight for me and Nic. This dish is easy and tasty. I sauteed some chicken peppers and onions in a little taco seasoning to go along side it and served it all with a little plain greek yogurt as a sour cream fake out. This would also be delish with beans or in a burrito. Try it out!!

Mexican Style Cauliflower "Rice"
Makes 3 big Servings (microwaved leftovers taste great!)

1/2 a head of cauliflower
2/3 can (about 1 cup) of fire roasted tomatoes
2 tsps taco seasoning
A little salt and pepper

- Break the cauliflower into pieces and put it in your cuisinart (or chop up very fine if you don't have one) and pulse a couple times until it is in small pieces about the size of grains of rice.
-Put a large pan or wok over medium high heat and spray well with Pam
-Add in the cauliflower and season with a tsp of salt and 1/3 tsp of pepper --- saute for about 5 minutes and then add in the 2/3 can of tomatoes (with the juice) and the taco seasoning. Mix everything together well
-Let cook about 20 or so minutes partially covered and stiring ocassionally until cauliflower is really soft and not chewy. If it's still chewy after 20 minutes you can let cook a little longer, it should have a nice soft rice like texture.
-Serve up alongside some fajita style chicken, salsa, beans or any other mexican food and enjoy!!

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  1. Oh I'm so glad Friends with Kids is good, thanks for mentioning it! I always assume Jennifer Westfeldt is smart and funny and makes great movies but now I'll be sure to see it. The piece in the NY Times Magazine about her and that movie is great as well!