Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Few Good Snacks

I love myself a good snack. I'm practically incapable of going more than a few hours without something to nibble on so I try to keep them nice and healthy and I'm always trying out new bites. Here are three of my favorite 2-ingredient combos for yummy and satisfying snacks...

Homemade Banana Softserve
-1 banana
-1 tablespoon peanut butter

-Peel a banana, slice it up and stick it in a freezer proof ziplock and let freeze over night. (I now keep a few in there at all times.)
-Put the frozen banana and a tablepsoon of peanut butter in a food processor and voila... Banana softserve!

Apples with Cinnamon dip
-1 apple, cut into pieces
-1/2 cup Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt
-2 teaspoons cinnamon
-1 packet splenda
-Mix yogurt with cinnamon and splenda. Dip apple into yogurt dip.
Yum :)

Cottage Cheese and Peaches
-1/2 cup low fat organic cottage cheese (FUN FACT - most organic brands have acidophilus and are therefore lactose free)
-Chopped ripe peaches - saute them in a frying pan with cooking spray and let cool
-Enjoy the sweet peaches with the salty cottage cheese

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  1. These are such awesome tips (as always)! So excited to try them!