Monday, April 16, 2012

Two Good Scary Movies

Do you like scary movies? I do! Well, sort of... I like them if I'm watching them with others and I know with great certainty that I will not have to sleep in a room by myself anytime in the next few weeks. I remember in High School I had to creep down the hall from my dorm room to my friend's floor where I happily curled up for the night after seeing a particularly scary flick I have since forgotten. And last year when Nic was out of town the night after we watched "Black Swan" it took me about 4 hours of watching old "Office" episodes on my laptop in bed before I managed to fall asleep. So yeah, I'm a bit of a weeny but in the past two weeks I've seen two good movies of the scary persuasion so I thought I'd share them in case you need a good one!

To Rent...
Martha Marcy May Marlene - Yikes, talk about CREEPY! This movie is not scary so much as super duper creepy and dark...ick, I loved it! Great writing, great cinematography, great acting...this is a really good movie.

Out in the theaters...
Cabin in The Woods - No, don't roll your eyes, I'm shockingly serious! This movie was a total surprise. Nic and I really wanted to go to the movies on Friday but we had literally seen everything that was out so we took a chance and went to see this movie thinking it would at least be worth a laugh. This movie was SO crazy! I honestly thought I was in the wrong theater for the first ten minutes and the movie was hilarious, weird, scary and unpredictable from the start. This was definitely not what I expected in a really great way and the plot line and actors in this movie who are not even shown in the trailer are amazing. Who knew!

Any other good ones I should dare to see?

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