Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Links and Weekend Fun

Source: via Mike on Pinterest

              Bay to Breakers Racers Last Year

Happy Friday everyone!
It’s been a long and busy week at the office and I’m pretty excited for a break to do very little, sleep-in as much as I'm capable (which is not much) and just enjoy the city.  I’m hoping to do very little tonight but on Saturday Nic and I have big plans to enjoy the sunshine and hopefully win a few bucks with our friend from the East Bay over at Golden Gate fields… a bonafide race track! I’m not much of a gambler and way too thrifty to ever bet more than a few dollars but an of afternoon watching horses in the sun with the potential to win $20 sounds like a nice way to spend a Saturday!  I’ll let you know if it’s worth a visit ☺

Sunday is San Francisco’s annual Bay to Breakers race which is basically a city wide shit show thinly veiled as a running competition. I wanted to post some pictures I took of participants from the last time I got involved, 5 years ago but for some reason there are a lot of nude runner shots and me in a toga making googly eyed smiles at the camera like this…

 I don’t think Nic and I will get full out costumed this year but we will definitely be enjoying the revelry in some shape or form, it’s just too silly to miss!

 Meanwhile have you been watching all the season finales lately? Am I the only person I know STILL watching Grey’s Anatomy? What the heck was that??? Ok, I digress. I really wanted to share a few links I liked from the week…

 1. Buzz Sugar shares the master list of what TV shows will be cancelled or coming back for a second season. I am pretty psyched that my two favorite new shows Smash and New Girl will be back in the fall!

2.  Have you been to the Young House Love? It's this couple that is DIY-ing their entire house and life and it's one of my new favorite blogs.  It's not really helping with my back yard/house decorating/landscaping envy but a girl can dream!!!

3. Speaking of back yard and landscaping envy I really can't get enough of succulents these days. How cool are the hanging gardens for your wall in this succulent post from Wiley Valentine. What a cool way to have plants with no space!

ALSO... Nic and I are going to Portland for a little vaycay at the end of June. Do you know anything about Portland including awesome breakfast places, cool shops or great things to do? Let me know in the comments because we want to embrace the full on Portlandia experience for our three day trip.


  1. Char,

    I love Young House Love, and Smash and New Girl! I've been reading YHL for a year or so now and since we're painting my whole apartment in a few short weeks I'm excited to actually use something from their site.

    Also, Portland. The Ace is a great place to stay, but it's the restaurant next to/attached to the Ace that I really want to steer you towards! It's called Clyde Common and it's delicious. I ate there on a work trip and then took Zack back when we went out to Portland to see my aunt and uncle. Website:

    Also, we went up to this beautiful park that had tons of roses. Since you are going in June the timing should be ideal! It was gorgeous and had great views of the city.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Hey Lucy
    Thanks so much... we are actually staying at the Ace! How perfect.
    I will definitely check out clydecommon!

  3. Oh great! Enjoy the Ace, it's awesome. And a good launching pad for wandering to Powell's Books :)