Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Hi people and Happy Friday!
It's been an incredibly busy couple of weeks at work and this three day weekend has been the shining star on the horizon... now it's here!!! Somehow the 24 hour difference between a normal weekend and a THREE DAY weekend changes a little break from work into a full on vay-cay.  Nic and I are headed just about an hour and half north from San Francisco to the Russian River. We've rented a house on the river with 8 other friends and have big plans to lay out by the water, drink beer, barbecue and maybe go on a hike or two. What could be better?

Are you doing something fun? Barbecue-ing I hope!?  I put Americana in my pinterest search and loved the red white and blue bonanza that it brought up.  Here are a few cute ones to get you  in the patriotic spirit. Have a SWEET weekend!

One pieces personally make me feel like my belly button is suffocating but how cute is this suit?

I have loved color organized book shelves for a while now but this American flag just took it to a new (and awesome) level...

This guy had something Americana about him but mostly just reminded me  I need to make some friends with boats...

And don't you wish you had the skills and energy to make this beauty?

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