Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Getaway to Portland!

Hi people. Long time no blog! The past two months have flown by and I can't believe we are halfway through the summer.  We've had a few getaways and adventures since I last spent time on this thing and I'm finally ready to do some typing!

 Nic and I went to Portland at the end of June and we hit up plenty of great spots worth sharing with you all. Our trip was pretty random. We basically wanted to go somewhere for our anniversary that we'd never been, eat good food and explore.  So after watching the first season of "Portlandia" we decided to plan a trip to Portland and dig up as much of the wierd hipster culture and good food as we'd heard the city is famous for. We had a great time!

Here's your weekend guide for a fun time in Portland.  **Huge hat tip to my friend Chelsea who lives in Portland and pretty much gave us all of the below recommendations.**

Where to Stay:
Ace Hotel:  We stayed at the uber-hip and moderately priced Ace Hotel and I would totally recommend it! The hotel is within walking distance to the cool "Pearl" neighborhood, some great shopping and has bikes you can rent from the lobby. The decor and rooms are a bit of the I'm so hip I'm kind of shabby chic persuasion but the staff is friendly, the $10 continental breakfast was tasty and the restaurant and bar connected to the hotel are awesome.  The room kind of looked like Wes Anderson decorated my college dorm room in a military chic motif.  Sounds weird and it kind of was, but that's what we were going for :)

The Ace's lobby

Our room

Where to Eat:
FOOD TRUCKS: I thought San Francisco had a good food truck scene but it is nothing compared to Portland. Portland has whole city blocks inhabited 24/7 by dozens of different food trucks with specialties ranging from Korean tacos, frozen yogurt to Middle Eastern shwarma.  Thanks to my friend Chelsea's recommendation we hit up the delicious Nong's Khao Man Gai truck just a couple blocks from our hotel. Their famous chicken was DELICIOUS.

Tasty N' Sons: This is a delicious and charming restaurant that we hit up for an early dinner to avoid the crowds but they are also supposed to have a great brunch. I had some baked eggs in kind of tomato stew and Nic had the most delicious looking Ruben I've ever seen. Try the bread (it's so good) and order a drink (also so good.)

Mee Sen Thai Eatery: Yummy yummy thai food and cool drinks in a cute little cantina style place with water poured from old Jack bottles and wagon wheels on the side of the table. I dug it.

Voodoo Donuts: This is a Portland tourist mecca and we had almost as much fun waiting in line watching some guy dance to Beyonce in a monkey suit as we did eating the donuts. I'm not usually a donut eater but I liked that they had lots of vegan options and some crazier combos than your average donut shop.

Happy dude with his oreo and PB covered donut.

Where to Drink:
Clyde Common: This is a restaurant and bar within the Ace hotel and while I'd heard the food is great we only made it there for drinks. The drinks were awesome (try the Dark and Stormy) and the bartender is friendly.

Amnesia Brewery: We had heard Portland has tons of micro-breweries so we tried out the beers at Amnesia which was in a cute neighborhood my friend had told us was fun to walk around. The beers were tasty and we had fun sitting outside under a roof while watching the rain around us.

Where to Run:
Forrest Park: With all the eating we did on this trip we were in dire need of exercise and uber excited to hit up the beautiful Leif Erikson trail in Portland's Forest Park. It was raining cats and dogs but we still managed a lovely 4 mile run on the trail and it was well worth it. Enter the park at the end of NW Thurman street to get right on the trail.

What to See:
Multnomah Falls: This beautiful waterfalls is a scenic 40 minute drive from downtown Portland and totally worth the trip. Info and directions here.

Instagram Fun

So what do you think? Ready to plan your trip????

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