Monday, September 3, 2012

Outdoor Weddings

Hi Everyone! 
Happy end of summer -- how sad is that? Luckily San Francisco has the strangest weather in the country and I don't get Summer's off so I can firmly deny that Labor day signifies the end of the season and choose to enjoy Summer fun until Halloween :)

Among other things that I hope to share on the blog when I'm spending more time on my computer this Fall, are pictures of many amazing weddings and bachelorette parties that I've attended this summer. So far Nic and I have been to two gorgeous weddings (with three more to go this month!) and while one was in Wisconsin and one was in New Hampshire they shared two major things -- they were both outdoors and both beautiful.

Here are a few fun pics of some of my favorite details from these two weddings that  you can really only get away with with an outdoor venue.

From the farm wedding in Wisconsin:

Bales of hay make a great resting spot next to an outdoor dance floor, I also love the simple hanging lights.

Picnic tables work for those against hay!

Beautiful horses and a carriage drop off the bride

And from the lakeside wedding in New Hampshire...

A dog as the ring bearer is definitely a crowd pleaser

And a canoe makes a lovely getaway vehicle from the ceremony

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